A little bit more about me ... 

From interviewing superstar athletes like Pedro Martinez and sexperts like Dr. Ruth to exploring deep, dark coal mines in Chile,

I've covered lots of ground in my 10-plus years as a writer.

My background in newspapers has paved the way for a successful freelance career, during which I've written for dozens of outlets. My specialties are travel and outdoor adventure, running, and wine (and any combination of those), but I'm a generalist at heart. I've written about an extraordinary array of topics: South American tea, dog training, Latino players in Major League Baseball, hot yoga, New Year’s resolutions, energy bars, and women in fly fishing, just to name a few. I also speak pretty good Spanish, thanks to a year in Barcelona, and I'm comfortable interviewing subjects en español. I especially enjoy discovering quirky, off-the-beaten-path stories about interesting places and faces, and I love writing about spooky stuff, local legends, and anything paranormal (so I'm perfect for any Halloween round-up on your editorial calendar).

No matter what the project, I strive to turn in compelling, clean copy, on deadline and on point. I'm always up for a new assignment and/or adventure! Send me an e-mail at blanebachelor@gmail.com and let's get started.

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